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In this infographic we highlight some alarming myths that many South Africans believe about their retirement savings. We also share the actual facts that prove them wrong and we give you a great free tool to calculate if you are on the right track, including what changes you need to make to enjoy a blissful, worry-free retirement.
SOUTH AFRICAN retirement
facts and myths
I am saving enough for my retirement
‘I can start late and retire early.’

of South Africans believe they will run out of money during their retirement years.

I don’t need to take high risks with my retirement investments
‘By investing in money market funds, guaranteed products or absolute return funds.’ ‘my money is safe I can sleep at night.’

Average number of years respondents believe their retirement savings will need to last them.

I will be financially independent during my retirement
‘I don’t need to worry about retirement planning, my pension fund will be OK.‘ ‘I can get on with life and enjoy its pleasures.’

of pensioners rely (at least in part) on financial assistance from other family members.

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A successful career guarantees a good retirement
‘The more money I make, the more I will save for retirement, all other aspects being equal.’

of people who are close to retirement expect to work post-retirement.

“You will spend less money during your retirement years.”

of South Africans list not having enough money to retire as their greatest concern about retirement.


Average age at which respondents think they will be able to afford to retire.

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The wealth index calculation is based on on the book “ The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy ” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko in 1996 (ISBN 0-671-01520-6). Emperor Asset Management also holds investment courses which discuss understanding your wealth index, to register for the course click here

Statistical facts are based on the ‘2013 Old Mutual Retirement Monitor’ for more information follow this link: